a man for a mission

How did it start. After a lifetime working as a copywriter and creative partner/director in advertising,  I eventually developed a fascination for the all-important story behind brands and companies. Where does this brand come from? What is its purpose, what makes it authentic? What drives this company to make a difference in the world and its market? 

When did it start. Some ten years ago, at that time working succesfully as a freelance creative, I started to dive into this particular field of what then just got known as ‘corporate storytelling’. After some time I got to the point that I even managed to write a modest sized book about it. At the same time I got involved in developing core stories for a growing number of businesses and brands, in close cooperation with Storytelling People, a Dutch initiative advising organizations on storytelling for a multitude of purposes.

What makes me useful.  I found out my background as a conceptual thinking creative writer enables me to get to the core of the mattter faster and better than even most corporate comunication agencies could. It somehow naturally allows me to connect the dots between what a company stands for and, further down the line, how that can be translated into positioning and marketing communication. And my experience as a copywriter makes sure I can define mission and vision manifesto’s in the clearest way possible. 

How do I work. As a man for a mission I’m as passionate about this line of work as I was about my work in the advertising limelights. As such I work with company boards and brandmanagement, corporate communication and marketing executives and entrepreneurs. What I do is very much a matter of co-creation. It’s always all about the story that already lives – or slumbers – inside an organization. Most of the time I experience that people somehow have a feeling about what the story could be, but just lack the insight to put the finger on it. A lot of openness and plenty of back-and-forth of thoughts and ideas gets the right story out.

What can you expect. What I live by is the Dutch saying: a man a man, a word a word. Whar I promise to do, I do. What I promise to deliver, I deliver. What I promise a project will cost, it will cost and not a cent more. No ifs, no buts. I work on the basis of a fixed fee, without  restriction – albeit within reason – on the time that is needed to arrive at a fantastic result. Nothing else counts but the highest quality of work and if that takes more delving and thinking than I expected beforehand, so be it. 

Getting in touch. After working in Amsterdam, London and Antwerp  I now work from home in the Piemonte region in Italy. That works great and no, not just for me, but also for my clients. If you’d like to know more about me and what I could do for you, don’t hesitate and either call me through WhatsApp (+39 329 0174 950) or mail me at: vanderwijk@icloud.com